Height-adjustable desks require smart light

The illuminance (in lux) decreases with the square distance from the light source, double distance means four times reduced illuminance. When conventional office lights are used with height-adjustable desks, there may be major brightness differences between the highest and lowest desktop positions. Fatigue and concentration disorders may result from this. If you want to take full advantage of your sit stand desk and regularly change your working position, you need a luminaire which provides constant light conditions at any desktop height. Good lighting has a positive effect on your motivation, your ability to concentrate, and your endurance performance while reducing errors and improving safety and health at work.

Luminaires of the Easy series perfectly complement your ergonomic workplace

The integrated sensor system brings the light to the place where it is needed: your desktop. Automatically and with constant illuminance. The active "Luminosity Range Control" invented by Easy Lights ensures that the light angle and illuminance are automatically adapted to the desktop height of sit stand desks.


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